Things to Toss Before Your Next Big Move

    It’s a great feeling to walk into your new home and know you have a blank space to work with. But making sure your new home stays this fresh, clean and exciting is much harder. Here is a list of a few things you should consider throwing away before your next move.


    Old trash cans. Old and used garbage cans and bins can be dirty and in bad shape. And nothing says “yucky” like an old trash can that you’ve used for years. You can buy new trash cans that match, fit the space and are clean. This rule may also apply to recycling bins you have around the house.

    If buying all new cans isn’t in your budget, definitely clean your cans before packing them into your moving truck or car. Fill the inside of the can with dish soap and warm water and let it soak. Then scrub. The soak will make scrubbing easier.

    Old Trash Can
    New Trash Bins

    Old Coffee Mugs. Thankfully, moving means a fresh start in a new kitchen – without the clutter of the mismatched, half-chipped coffee cups to weigh you down. Many people collect these “cute” cups while on vacations and in airports. If you’re one of these people go through them and select a few special cups to keep. Once you move into  your new kitchen, you might want to start a new collection!

    This would be a good time to start a pile of donation or garage sale items!

    Coffee Cups – For Sale

    Toys. Moving is the best time to clean out the things you haven’t used and the things that won’t serve you in your new space. Toys are a major clutter culprit, and often many of them just aren’t being used anymore. My motto: Keep the favorites and toss the rest. Once you’re in your new space, you can buy a special new toy to celebrate the move.

    Old paint. Every client I work with has gallons of old paint. Chances are the colors match your old house but not your new one, so this is a great time to clean out all the old cans, unless you’re leaving them for the new owner.
    Before disposing of paint, check your town’s rules on recycling or disposing of it.

    Tip: If you loved some of those colors, add them to a spreadsheet on your computer. Make sure you list the room a paint was used in, for future reference. Make sure to update the spreadsheet as you repaint in your new house too.

    Paper. As long as you’ve rectified your statements, paid your bills and set aside important documents and receipts, you don’t need to keep all the paper that’s weighing you down. File the things you need to keep, such as tax documents, health insurance paperwork and property records, and get rid of the rest.

    Tip: In the weeks before you move, carve out five to 10 minutes a week to tackle the paper piles you have around the house. Almost all of the items in these piles can be thrown away if you take the time to go through them.

    Storage containers. Do yourself a favor and get fresh storage containers for your new home! The container drawer is often a major source of clutter and frustration for my clients. Your new home will feel even newer with a full set of matching storage containers.

    Pro tip: Buy storage containers based on your family’s needs. For example, if you cook often and send friends and family home with leftovers, buy inexpensive, disposable containers. If you use your containers weekly for whole meals, buy larger sizes.

    A few more items to consider getting rid of:

    • old decorative pillows
    • unwanted DVDs and CDs
    • books
    • expired medications, food and bath products
    • our of date electronics
    • clothes you haven’t worn in years
    • old furniture
    • old magazines


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