First Time Homebuyer | Now What?!?

    Buying Your First Home, The Stanfield Team is composed of experienced Realtors ready to help you!

    What’s the difference between an inspection and an appraisal?  What is a residential service contract?  How do I know what my first offer on a property should be?  Answers to these questions and more are ready to be explained to some of our favorite clients – first-time homebuyers!


    The Stanfield Team has over 50 years of combined experience in real estate, and we LOVE to help first-time homebuyers through the complex process of purchasing their home.   From the beginning stages of starting the mortgage process, to choosing the right neighborhood, to offer negotiations, and all the way to the BIG day of closing, we are ready to help answer all your questions.


    One of the biggest joys of our job is Closing Day for a first-time homebuyer – it’s an experience that our clients will never forget, and we are committed to making the process leading up to it as smooth and stress-free as possible.   Reach out to us to get started at 281-482-7100!



    Ready to Buy a House?

    Okay, let’s get started!  Here are a few suggestions as you begin your search with The Stanfield Team:


    1. Price – perhaps the easiest way to help you decide what you can afford is to ask yourself, “how much do I want my payment to be?” Based upon that, The Stanfield Team can guide you in the right direction to decide on the approximate sales price and areas to research.  Many factors affect the payment on your home including property taxes and insurance… for example, a $200,000 home in one neighborhood may be a much higher or lower monthly payment than a $200,000 home in another community!  This is where local expertise from a real estate agent provides so much value – we know where to look and which areas to avoid.


    1. Pre-Qualification – before you ever visit a home for sale, you should consult with a mortgage lender. Our preferred lender, Todd Binkley with Gateway Mortgage, can take you step-by-step through the process of getting pre-qualified for a loan and available financing programs.   There are many program available for first-time homebuyers, and Todd’s team is our go-to resource for the latest incentives and products available to you.


    1. Wish List – Establish a list of ‘must-haves’ and ‘would be nice’ features you’re looking for in your new home. We have found that most people DON’T buy the home they thought they were looking for, but having a baseline of requirements will help us with your initial search. Throughout the home viewing process, your list may change many times, so it’s helpful to have an open mind when it comes to certain features – your final home choice may surprise you!


    1. Search on our Site – most of our buyers are tech-savvy and find the latest listings online. Our site is user-friendly, and allows you to tag favorite properties, request a showing, and edit/create your own searches.  Go to to get started on your dream home search!